Premium Acrylic Emulsion Stain for Vertical Concrete

WallStain (Solid or Translucent) is a premium, single component, non-yellowing acrylic emulsion wall stain designed to color, seal, protect and penetrate concrete masonry surfaces, particularly vertical surfaces.

WallStain's robust cure & seal formula will cure to a matte-satin finish that will resist stains, UV, abrasion and minimize hairline cracking, dusting and spalling. 

Available in both SOLID and TRANSLUCENT formulas. Read the respective Technical Information Sheet for more information.

Uses & Applications

WallStain is ideal for quickly applying lasting, durable color to vertical masonry surfaces including pre-cast concrete, tilt-up and retaining walls. 

It is recommended for use on and around shopping malls, schools, offices, warehouses, commercial buildings, highway walls, bridges, overpasses, and residences. Use for both commercial and residential projects. WallStain is commonly used for large DOT projects, such as Caltrans' Cambria Bridge and Rock Shed project on Hwy 1 near Monterey, CA.

Use WallStain Translucent to provide highlights after applying WallStain Solid for a more natural appearance. Translucent Color Enhancers™ may also be used for this purpose.

Coverage & Packaging

WallStain covers approximately 300 square feet per gallon depending on application and surface porosity. NewLook recommends applying WallStain Solid with an airless or HVLP sprayer. Available in 1, 5, 55 & 275 gallon containers.

Minimum Order Quantity may apply; contact NewLook Sales Dept. for more information.

Colors & Finishes

WallStain's available in many popular Solid (opaque) or Translucent colorsincluding grays and earth tones. Limited color matching available.

Technical Info

  • Product Type: Waterborne Acrylic Emulsion Polymer
  • Coverage: For smooth concrete: 300 square feet per gallon (28 square meters per gallon). For textured (porous) concrete: 200 square feet/gallon (18.6 sqm/gallon).
  • Re-Coat: (At 77°F and 50% relative humidity) 1 - 2 hours. Before applying highlight colors, wait about 1 hour after applying WallStain.
  • Cure Time: (77ºF and 50% relative humidity) 8 - 12 hours. Dry to the touch after 30 minutes.
  • Color Range: Available in 8 NewLook solid and translucent colors, including: Sierra, Caramel, Maple, Natural, Black, White, Harvest, and Beach House. Limited color matching available.
  • Solids (by weight): 35%
  • Clean up (while wet): Soap and water.

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WallStain on vertical masonry surfaces
WallStain on vertical masonry surfaces
"WallStain is amazing. It does exactly what NewLook says it does. It's a great cure and seal for new concrete pours. And it has amazing durability."
-- H. Adams; Baltimore, MD

"We use [WallStain] on all our precast jobs. We've got it spec'd for a couple [DOT] jobs right now because the architect loves the colors and product performance."
-- Annonymous; San Diego, CA

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