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The NanoSet™ Concrete Polishing System. Efficiency Defined.

Take your architectural and commercial concrete to the next level with the NanoSet™ Concrete Polishing System. Our revolutionary concrete polishing system of densifiers, sealers, cleaners and nano-pigment colorants leverages all the sustainable advantages of polished concrete flooring. The design versatility of the NanoSet™ Concrete Polishing System gives your customers the economical, low-maintenance, high-performance solution needed and delivers it faster, better and greener. It is unmatched in durability and reliability. And it can help you achieve phenomenal results more quickly for either new or existing concrete.

For Both Polished & Unpolished Surfaces

Our user-friendly system allows you to achieve a broad range of aesthetically appealing options for polished concrete. It competes with the most economical concrete coatings in price and rivals the most expensive floor coverings in aesthetics.

Unpolished concrete can also be an excellent, hard-working floor with it's own unique appearance. When enhanced with our NanoSet™ technology, it becomes more durable, stain-resistant, and easier to maintain.

Tell Old Man Winter to Take a Hike!™

Not only can NanoSet technology be used to create brilliant polished concrete during the off-season, but it's ideal for winterizing concrete. Use the NanoSet Densifier NS to rescue soft and damaged concrete or strengthen new and existing concrete before winter's freeze-thaw cycles damage the substrate with concrete spalling or scaling problems.
Why NanoSet?
     Most efficient chemical reaction
     No whiting removal required
     Builds surface density
     Rescues damaged, soft concrete
     Bonds to silica in overlays
     Non-caustic, more neutral pH
Red Chair on Polished Concrete Floor

The NanoSet™ Color is a concentrated dye dispersion used to add color during the concrete polishing process. It's a proprietary blend that is not private-labeled; it's manufactured by NewLook. NanoSet Color is used for indoor projects only. Consider SmartColor concrete stains for exterior projects.

The NanoSet™ Densifier NS is a nano silica densifier used to fortify the structural integrity of concrete as part of the concrete polishing process. The  concentrated, formula reduces freeze-thaw damage, improves wear resistance and improve the bond between NewLook's concrete stain and concrete. Available in lithium-silicate, too (NanoSet Densifier Li).

The NanoSet™ Protector is a finishing sealer/conditioner applied during the concrete polishing process. It introduces additional nano silica polymers into the substrate that enhances the aesthetics of integrally colored or stained concrete, giving it a brilliant shine.

The NanoSet™ Cleaner is a premium-grade concrete cleaning solution that combines phenomenal cleansing action with nano silica technology. It adds extra protection to polished concrete as it cleans.
NanoSet™ Polishing System

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NewLook and WerkMaster teamed up to polish a 10x10 slab on grade at the World of Concrete 2012. A WerkMaster TITAN was used to grind and polish. NewLook's NanoSet Color, a water-based dye, was used to stain the concrete over a Modello Designs Decorative Masking Pattern.
NewLook, WerkMaster and Modello Designs all teamed up to polish a slab on grade at the Concrete Decor Show 2012. A WerkMaster Colossus was used to grind and polish. Modello's Decorative Masking Pattern (vinyl adhesive stencil) was used to create the pattern. And NewLook's NanoSet Color, a water-based liquid dye concentrate, was used to dye the concrete.
Polished Concrete Countertops are Chic & Popular!

Concrete polishing is a growing trend. It's a popular finish for concrete countertops, as well as exposed concrete flooring. Polished concrete countertops are sustainable features for commercial or retail businesses; they are maintainable and durable. A polished concrete floor is becoming the finish of choice for chic, design-oriented customers who recognize the value of maintenance, sustainability, design, color and other important elements that contribute to ambiance of a commercial or residential space. Polishing concrete is not difficult, either, as long as you have the right equipment and product materials. Using the wrong types of densifier, for example, If you are interested in learning how to polish concrete, contact NewLook directly for more information on training.
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