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Professional Grade Garage Floor Coatings
NewLook is Your #1 Source for Epoxy Floor Coatings & Polyurethane Floor Coatings

All garage floor coatings are not created equal. And selecting the right material can mean the difference between an ugly garage floor and a garage floor that lasts. NewLook is known for it's professional grade garage floor coatings. And our floor coating system in known for its performance and ease of use. Perhaps one of the most valuable solutions for protecting garage floors is NewLook's PermiPlate polyurethanes.

What is Polyurethane?

Polyurethane is a durable polymer comprised of unique organic units joined in a chain that's linked by carbamate (urethane). Most polyurethanes do not melt when heated. One of the main ingredients used to manufacture polyurethanes is isocyanates. And polyurethanes are created when an isocyanate reacts with polyol, another main ingredient. Both the isocyanates and polyols used to make polyurethanes contain multiple functional groups in each of their chemical molecules.

Polyurethane products often are simply called “urethanes". They are used in and for a variety of materials, especially decorative concrete coatings and surface sealants.

The Danger of Isocyanates 

Isocyanates used to make polyurethane must have two or more isocyanate groups on each molecule. Aromatic disocyantes, toluene diisocyanates (TDI), and methylene diphenyl diisocyanates (MDI) are the most commonly used isocyanates.

Isocyanates are toxic chemicals that impose health and environmental hazards. Incidentally, methyl isocyanate was the main chemical that caused India's Bhopal Gas Tragedy in 1984 -- a gas leak incident in that killed thousands of people. Isocyanates are potentially dangerous irritants to the eyes and respiratory tract, despite their relatively low toxicity. However, they are typically several hundred milligrams per kilogram.

PermiPlate & PermiPlate 0IS

Our PermiPlate polyurethanes are available in two versions. One is manufactured with isocyanates (PermiPlate); the other, an eco-friendly coating, is not (PermiPlate 0IS).


PermiPlate is a multi-component aliphatic polyurethane garage floor coating formulated for industrial and commercial use. Used as a unique, flexible, abrasive and chemical resistant, and highly permanent concrete coating to protect compatible concrete stains and other decorative concrete systems.

PermiPlate may be used to protect industrial garage floors, decorative concrete stain, masonry, stucco, brickes, pavers, fuel tanks, aircraft, industrial floors, railroad tank cars, chemical tanks, machine tools, electric equipment, laboratory equipment, x-ray equipment, telephones, gas cylinders, pumps, battery cases, store fixtures, piping, ovens, construction equipment and any surface requiring a permanent anti-graffiti coating.

PermiPlate 0IS

Protect your garage floors (and many other decorative concrete surfaces) using PermiPlate 0IS, a revolutionary modified hybrid polyurethane garage floor coating. The two component, eco-friendly polyurethane is manufactured without isocyanates; it's a safe alternative to toxic two-part top coats. 

As a self-priming hybrid polyurethane epoxy garage floor coating, PermiPlate 0IS combines the high chemical resistance properties of epoxy flooring with the advanced durability and wear resistance properties of polyurethane. Its 100% solids self-priming and self-leveling formulation allows PermiPlate 0IS to be applied at most thicknesses in just one coat (depending on condition of substrate). 

PermiPlate 0IS is used to protect, among other things, industrial garage floor surfaces heavy wear and chemical erosion--making PermiPlate 0IS an industrial concrete construction necessity.

Based on testing, PermiPlate 0IS is twice as durable, has 15-30% greater adhesion and is 28 times less porous than conventional polyurethane (it is virtually water proof). Due to its zero isocyanates formulation -- zero VOC, and minimal odor -- PermiPlate 0IS can be applied in work environments without shutting down the HVAC system or ceasing adjacent workplace production activities--saving 30-60% in application costs.

NewLook 100% Epoxy

Not your typical garage floor coating, NewLook's chemical resistant 2 part epoxy concrete sealer has 100% solids content, making it a heavy-duty, protective top coat concrete sealer for garage floors. This Industrial Line solution may be used with or without aggregate and is designed to provide incredibly strong chemical and abrasion resistance. It's perfect for industrial and commercial garage floors, as well as concrete countertops.

Use as a fast-setting decorative coating to protect, seal and waterproof decorative concrete surfaces from abrasion, water, oils, strong acids and many organic or inorganic solvents. Used on concrete floors and walls of dairies, packing plants, hospitals, restaurant kitchens, retail stores, concrete countertops and overlay systems.

Common Applications
  • Garage floor epoxy and bar top epoxy concrete sealer
  • Garage floor clear epoxy concrete sealer
  • Chemical resistant floor coating & sealer for commercial / architectural concrete
  • Protective top coat over concrete stain and decorative concrete

Technical Info:
  • Mix ratio (parts by volume): 2:1 (A to B)
  • Solids content: 100%
  • Mixed Pot Life (at 70° F): 30 to 45 minutes
  • Color: Clear
  • Tensile strength: 10,000 psi
  • Flexural strength: 24,000 psi
  • Compression strength: 19,000 psi

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